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245 before JC in a western China country Sin Hyo and Shin are two orphans who aim to be general of army. They are training when a old man came to meet them. He was a noble and wanted to recruit Hyo, but only Hyo...
ORIGINAL RUN: 2012-2014
1 The Nameless Boy Canon
2 An Encounter With Destiny Canon
3 For a Friend Canon
4 The King and the Sword Canon
5 Unbroken Heart Canon
6 The Path to Becoming a General Canon
7 The Fearsome Folk of the Mountains Canon
8 Each One's Dream Canon
9 On to Xianyang Canon
10 Storming the Capital Canon
11 A Fierce Battle Begins Canon
12 The Ultimate Sword-Blow Canon
13 Lan Kai Roars Canon
14 The Strength of the Sword Canon
15 The Qualities of a King Canon
16 Lu Buwei Canon
17 First Campaign Canon
18 The Chariot Squadron's Menace Canon
19 Raging Battle Canon
20 Wang Yi Intrudes Canon
21 The Meaning of a General Canon
22 The Clever General vs. The Daring General Canon
23 An Evening Story Canon
24 A New Trial Canon
25 Commission Canon
26 Pang Nuan, God of War Canon
27 The Fei Xin Force is Born Canon
28 Wang Yi's Flying Arrow Canon
29 The Tides of War Suddenly Turn Canon
30 An Act of God Canon
31 The Power of Unity Canon
32 The Fei Xin Force on the Run Canon
33 Wang Yi Takes the Field Canon
34 The Main Attraction Canon
35 Commanding Generals Face to Face Canon
36 Wang Yi and Liao Canon
37 I Stand on the Verge of Death Canon
38 Succession Canon
39 New Era Canon
40 A Quiet Battlefield Canon
41 A Tumultuous Banquet Canon
42 Kings and Ants Canon
43 A Third Force Canon
44 Beautiful Venom Canon
45 A Cursed Prince Canon
46 Zheng and Zi Xia Canon
47 Binding Wish Canon
48 Broken Love Canon
49 Assemblage Canon
50 Siege of Gaolang Castle Canon
51 My Way of Fighting Canon
52 The Man Lian Po Canon
53 Air of a Military Commander Canon
54 Midnight Great General Canon
55 The Night before the Start of War Canon
56 Clash! Canon
57 Xuan Feng's Scheme Canon
58 The Feixin Unit's Counterattack Canon
59 The Thief vs. The Strategist Canon
60 Meng Tian's Proposal Canon
61 United Front of Three Units Canon
62 A Wall That Must be Overcome Canon
63 Double Bluff Canon
64 The Caliber of a General Canon
65 The Hour of Conclusion Canon
66 The Final Plan Canon
67 A Single Moment Canon
68 Precious Comrades Canon
69 Meng Ao, Standing Firm Canon
70 Unfading Era Canon
71 Victory... And... Canon
72 The Strategist Arrives Canon
73 Trial and Resolve Canon
74 Outwit Canon
75 Distant Thunder Canon
76 Stage of Strategy Canon
77 A New Legend Canon