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Yu Yu Hakusho
Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent, finds himself dead one day after pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic. Even the Spirit World was surprised that he would sacrifice himself because of his bad personality and Yusuke is given another chance at life after realizing he wasn't supposed to die. He is brought back to life as a Spirit Detective in order to investigate paranormal activity such as ghosts and demons. Yusuke is eventually joined by his old rival, bully Kuwabura, and a pair of ex-convicts from the afterlife: the fox demon, Kurama, and fire demon Hiei, as his closest companions.
ORIGINAL RUN: 1992-1994
1 Surprised to be Dead Canon
2 Koenma of the Spirit Realm! A Trial Towards Resurrection Canon
3 Kuwabura in a Corner! A Man's Oath Canon
4 Hot Flames! Ties of the Beloved Canon
5 Yusuke's Resurrection! A New Trial Canon
6 The Three Yokai! Hiei, Kurama, and Gouki Canon
7 Kurama's Secret!? The Ties Between Mother and Son Canon
8 Keiko in Peril! Hiei, the Jagan Master Canon
9 The Successor to Genkai! The Tournament Begins Canon
10 Death Battle in the Dark! Kuwabara's Reiki Sword Canon
11 Yusuke's Hard Battle! A Bruised and Bloody Counterattack Canon
12 Rando Appears! Kuwabara's Grievous Defeat Canon
13 Yusuke vs. Rando, Sorcery Thrown Into Chaos!! Filler
14 The Four Holy Beasts in the Labyrinthine Castle! A Challenge to the Spiritual Realm Canon
15 The Beautiful Dance of the Rose! The Elegant Kurama Canon
16 Grow, Rei-ken! Kuwabara-A Man's Fight Canon
17 Byakko's Hellish Roar Canon
18 Hiei Comes Forward to Battle! A Slashing Sword Canon
19 The Last of the Four Holy Beasts, Suzaku! Canon
20 Secret Techniques Clash! The Seven Suzaku Canon
21 Yusuke's Life or Death Counterattack Canon
22 A Sorrowful Young Beauty-Yukina Canon
23 Envoys of Darkness! The Toguro Brothers Canon
24 Terrifyingly Mighty Foes! The Sankishu Canon
25 Burn, Kuwabara! The Underlying Power of Love Canon
26 Invitees To The Dark Tournament Canon
27 Departure of Death! To The Island of Hell Canon
28 The Little Mighty Foe! Rinku's Secret Technique Canon
29 Kurama Makes Blood Flowers Blossom Canon
30 The Unfinished Secret Technique-Ensatsu Kokuryuha Canon
31 The Drunken Warrior! Chu's Sui-ken Canon
32 Knife Edge Death-Match Canon
33 Clash! The Best 8 are Decided Canon
34 A Desperate Battle, With a 0.05% Chance of Winning Canon
35 The Identity of Mask?! A Beautiful Warrior Canon
36 Ambition Crushed! A Baptism by Light Canon
37 Stealthy Figures of Darkness, The Mashotsukai Team Canon
38 A Desperate Kurama! Bodypaint of Death Canon
39 Annihilation! Yusuke's Iron Fist of Fury Canon
40 Jin, the Wind Tamer! A Stormy Air Battle Canon
41 Reikodan! An Unexpected Conclusion?! Canon
42 A Desperate Kuwabara! The Charge of Love Canon
43 The Masked Warrior's Stern Face! Canon
44 The Greatest Trial from Genkai Canon
45 Hiei Battles Consecutively! Shoot Your Kokuryuha! Canon
46 Tremble! Kuromomotaro's Transformation Canon
47 The Legendary Thief! Yoko Kurama! Canon
48 Item of Darkness: The Mantle of Death Canon
49 Remaining Power! Genkai's Life or Death Battle Canon
50 Demon Battler Suzuki's Challenge! Canon
51 Confrontation of Destiny! The Shadow of Toguro Canon
52 Genkai Falls! Settled After 50 Years Canon
53 Before the Storm! Overcoming Sorrow Canon
54 The Turbulent Final Round Begins! Canon
55 Explosion! The Yoko Awakened Canon
56 The Desperate Kurama! A Final Measure Canon
57 Intimidation! Bui Removes his Armor Canon
58 The Ultimate Secret Technique! Roar of the Kokuryuha Canon
59 The Eerie Shadow of Toguro the Elder Canon
60 Explosion of Anger! Kuwabara's Counterattack Canon
61 Confrontation of Destiny! The Tempestuous Battle of Captains Commences Canon
62 Toguro's 100 Percent Terror! Canon
63 Yusuke! A Trial to the Limits of Sorrow Canon
64 Deathbattle Concluded! A Final Full Power Canon
65 The Scheme Vanishes, Together With the Stadium Canon
66 Toguro's Atonement -- his Greatest Desire Canon
67 A New Prologue Canon
68 The Traps Lurking Inside Yojigen Mansion Canon
69 The Power of Taboo! Kurama's Intellect Canon
70 The Terrifying Truth! A New Mystery Canon
71 The Coming Terror! The Gateway To The Demon World! Canon
72 Envoys of the Demon Realm! Seven Enemies Canon
73 The Stalking, Demonic Hand of the Doctor Canon
74 Bring Down the Territory!! Canon
75 Seaman--A Trap Lurking in the Rain Canon
76 Kuwabara Restored?! A Power Awakened Canon
77 The Dark Past of the Spirit Realm Detective Canon
78 Charge! Dark Angel Canon
79 Yusuke's Mad Dash! Save Kuwabara! Canon
80 Hagiri's Targets! Death Crest Cross Spots Canon
81 The Game World Inside the Cave Canon
82 Gamemaster's Fearsome Aptitude Canon
83 The Remaining Measure! Kurama's Resolve Canon
84 Kurama's Fury! Who is That, Really?! Canon
85 Spirit Realm Detectives--A fated One-on-One Battle Canon
86 Yusuke's Tough Battle! A Decisive Difference Canon
87 Koenma--Primed With The Mafukan! Canon
88 Sensui--Sacred Light Energy Unleashed! Canon
89 Foreboding! When Everything Comes to a Halt Canon
90 Carrying On Their Friend's Will! Canon
91 A Time of Awakening! The Battle Commences Again Canon
92 The Ultimate Battle! Proof of Demon Kinship Canon
93 A Conclusion! Deathbattle in the Demon Realm Canon
94 Epilogue! Towards Tomorrow! Canon
95 Yusuke's Destiny--Footsteps of Danger Canon
96 Visitors of Darkness--The Mystery Deepens Canon
97 Parting--Our Respective Departures Canon
98 To the Demon Realm! A Meeting with the Father Canon
99 Unforgettable Memories! A Time of Birth Canon
100 The Secrets of the Jagan Revealed Canon
101 Demon Realm Thieves--A Thousand-Year Reunion Canon
102 Yoko Transformation! A Creeping Bloodlust Canon
103 A Father's Last Words-- Memories of a Distant Day Canon
104 An Unexpected Proposal -- A Change in the Demon Realm Canon
105 Great Battle in the Demon Realm -- The Preliminaries Commence! Canon
106 Father and Son Battle! Yomi and Shura Canon
107 Fierce Fighting! Men Fighting for their Dreams Filler
108 Kurama, A Break with the Past Filler
109 Showdown! Hiei and Mukuro Filler
110 My Power--This is My All! Canon
111 Concluded! The End of the Conflict Filler
112 Forever YuYu Hakusho! Canon