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The plot of the episodes follows the adventures of Allen Walker, an exorcist that weilds the power of "innocence" in order to fight against the Millennium Earl, an ancient sorcerer seeking to destroy the world with monsters called akuma.
ORIGINAL RUN: 2006-2008
1 The Boy Who HUnts Akuma Canon
2 The Black Order Canon
3 The Ghost of Mater Canon
4 Aria of the Land and the Night Sky Canon
5 Let Me Hear the Lullaby Canon
6 That Which Calls Out Disaster Canon
7 Tombstone of Memories Canon
8 The Black Order Annihilation Incident Canon
9 The Rewinding Town Canon
10 The Bad Luck Woman's Innocence Canon
11 Miranda Lotto's Feelings Canon
12 And Snow Falls Over the Town Canon
13 With the Coat Canon
14 The Leaf of Revival Filler
15 The End of the Snowstorm Filler
16 The Millennium Swordsman Filler
17 The Pride of the Swordsman Filler
18 Lenalee's Love Filler
19 The Vampires of the Ancient Castle Canon
20 Go for it Exorcists! Canon
21 Krory, Attacks Canon
22 Eliade's Truth Canon
23 The Vampire I Loved Canon
24 Krory's Journey Canon
25 The General's Chain Filler
26 Beginning to the End Filler
27 My Master,General Cross Filler
28 Exorcist Krory Canon
29 The Person Who Sells Souls-Part 1 Filler
30 The Person Who Sells Souls-Part 2 Filler
31 Lost Miranda Filler
32 The Mysterious Ghost Ship Filler
33 The Village Where the Witch Lives-Part 1 Filler
34 The Village Where the Witch Lives-Part 2 Filler
35 The Exorcist Who Wears Wind Filler
36 Chapter of Darkness Filler
37 The Neighborhood Boy-Charity Bell Canon
38 Froi Tiedoll Canon
39 Coffin of Silence Canon
40 Rose of Restless Souls Canon
41 A New Assassin Filler
42 The Black Cat's Trap Filler
43 The Wandering Stone Statue Filler
44 The Iron-Fan Maid Filler
45 Mysterious Mansion (Strange Mansion) Filler
46 Illusions of Sliver Filler
47 The Girl of the Crystal Filler
48 Wavering Accommodator Filler
49 Lulubell-sama's Bell Filler
50 Wholehearted Feelings Filler
51 Set Sail to the East Canon
52 Invasion Canon
53 Fallen Canon
54 Beginning of the Night's End Canon
55 Howl Canon
56 Delete Canon
57 Disappearance and Reunion Canon
58 Asian-Headquarters Canon
59 Road of an Vow Canon
60 Title Canon
61 Sinking Darkness Canon
62 The Saint-Girl Falls into Darkness Canon
63 The Ship of Evenness and the Girl who Didnt Return Canon
64 Message Canon
65 Landing Canon
66 Disturbance and Impatience Canon
67 To Edo Canon
68 Silence Canon
69 Invasion Canon
70 God's Clown Canon
71 The Signed Name Canon
72 Decisive Battle Canon
73 Kanda Engages in Battle Canon
74 Edo's Annihilation Canon
75 Clown and Auguste Canon
76 Key and Noah's Door Canon
77 Skin bolic's Room Canon
78 Taboo, Three Iluusions Canon
79 Noah's Memory Canon
80 Twin's Trap Canon
81 Debt Crisis Canon
82 Bad Game Canon
83 Jasdevi, Enters Canon
84 Bloody Krory Canon
85 Dark-Colored Rhapsody Canon
86 The weak Person Canon
87 Critical Point Canon
88 Lavi Canon
89 The Voice of Darkness Canon
90 Black Carnival Canon
91 Judgmet Canon
92 Shadow of the Musician Canon
93 Melody Canon
94 Homecoming Canon
95 Sheep and Dog Canon
96 Yet the Hands of Time Move Onward Canon
97 Headquarters Under Siege Canon
98 The Power of a General Canon
99 The Noah of Lust Canon
100 Level 4 Canon
101 To the God I Hate Canon
102 Exchange of Promises Canon
103 It Echoes in the Long Morning Canon