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Hunter x Hunter (1999)
Gon thought his father was dead but really he left to pursue his dream. Now Gon wants to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a Hunter as well.
ORIGINAL RUN: 1999-2004
1 A Boy Setting Out for a Journey x Leaving Behind the Sound of the Wind Canon
2 Encounter x Hesitation x Departure Filler
3 Pride x Stormy Water x Duel Canon
4 Decision x Shortcut x Detour Canon
5 Lies x Truth? x Kiriko Canon
6 Steak x Marathon x The Exam Starts Canon
7 Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap Canon
8 Conjurer x Smile x Beasts Beware Canon
9 Menchi x Furious x Second Phase? Canon
10 Failing x Panic x Heavenly Voice Canon
11 Exploration x Guts x Stowaway Canon
12 Good Boy? x Bad Boy? x Killua Canon
13 Pro x Con x Trap Canon
14 Candles x Policy x Dispute Canon
15 Fleeting x Life x Majitani Canon
16 Rock x Scissors x Heart Canon
17 Three People? x Five People? x Last Choice Canon
18 Treasure x Memory x Cramped Hotel Room Filler
19 Stranded x Log Book x Soaked Filler
20 Big Waves x Big Cannon x Huge Rush Filler
21 Fourth Phase x Forty-Four x Number of Death Canon
22 Found x Hide x Caught Up Canon
23 Hisoka x Crash x Gon Canon
24 Damage x Reunion x Courage Canon
25 Slither x Stinger x In The Cave Canon
26 Chairman x Interview x Paper Test Canon
27 Hisoka x Kurapika x Spider's Whisper Canon
28 Chatting x Excuses x Endurance Canon
29 Pass x Fail x Exam Over Canon
30 Killua x Disqualified x Forced Out Canon
31 Disband x Party x Unpleasant Ties Canon
32 Sightseeing x Landmark x Killua's House Canon
33 Training x Hound x Exhausted Canon
34 Skateboard x Apprentice x Honesty Canon
35 Killua x Punishment x Family Meeting Canon
36 Coin Toss x Reunion x Change of Clothes Canon
37 Heaven x Fight x Training Canon
38 Nen x Nen x Nen? Canon
39 Secret Trick x Register x The Battle Begins Canon
40 Two Months x Break x Just In Case Canon
41 Bungee x Punch x One Round Battle Canon
42 Hisoka's Love x Showdown x Gon's Resolve Canon
43 Talent x Agony x Killer Instinct Canon
44 Small Fry x Clean Up x Exam Over!? Canon
45 Limitation x Vow x Chain of Judgment Canon
46 I'm Home x Welcome Back x I'm Killua Canon
47 Dad x Top Secret x Confession Canon
48 Kurapika x Black Eyes x First Job Canon
49 Heart Tone x Kurapika x Dowsing Canon
50 Killua x Big Fortune x Hunter's Tavern Canon
51 Spider x Yorknew x Assemble Canon
52 Underground Auction x Annihilation x Machinegun Canon
53 Phantom Troupe x The Shadow Beasts x Community Canon
54 Hisoka x Alliance x Spider Hunting Canon
55 Uvo x Kurapika x Melody of Determination Canon
56 Scarlet Eyes x Duel x Cost of Life Canon
57 Gon x Treasure x Dangerous Man Canon
58 Gon x Killua x Deadly Chase Canon
59 Nest of Spiders x Captive x Killing Technique Canon
60 Kurapika x Assassination Team x Zoldyck Canon
61 Spider Rendezvous xZoldyck Family x Final Battle Canon
62 Kurapika x Friends x End of Spiders Canon
63 Spider x Corpse x Fake Canon
64 Friends x Costumes x Hell's Ear Canon
65 Pursuit x Escape x Spiders on the Run Canon
66 Hostages x Insignificant Bugs x Communicated Emotions Canon
67 Report x Darkness x Released Chain Canon
68 Dispute x Break-up x Swinging Fist Canon
69 Exchange x Revenge x Judgment Chain Canon
70 Feelings x Hopelessness x The Spider's Downfall Canon
71 Auction x Plan x 80 Percent Canon
72 Electricity x Aura x Special Attack Canon
73 Ren x Tests x Everyone's Journey Canon
74 Start x Spell x Town of Prizes Canon
75 Invitation x List x Show Me Rock! Canon
76 Take x Taken x Card Hell Canon
77 Bandit x Monster x Biscuit Canon
78 Training x Raw Ore x Scissor Hands Canon
79 Masadora x Big Strides x Bomb Devil Canon
80 Without Nen x New Year x Hunter Exam Canon
81 An Encounter x Chrollo x The Gold Dust Girl Canon
82 Contact x Razor x A United Front Canon
83 Meeting Again x Hisoka x Sporting Event Canon
84 Lighthouse x 8 People x Game Master Canon
85 Jan x Ken x Rock Canon
86 Unite x Impact x Bungee Gum Canon
87 Struggle x Pinch x War Declaration Canon
88 Stakeout x Preparation x Battle Start Canon
89 Bisky x Killua x New Special Attack Canon
90 Energy x Gyo x Little Flower Canon
91 Cruelty x Determination x Climax Canon
92 Game x Everything Cleared x Finale Canon