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Gourmet Hunter Toriko continues his quest for rare ingredients in order to complete a full-course meal. He is accompanied by the timid Komatsu who hopes to improve his skills.
ORIGINAL RUN: 2011-2014
1 Arrival on Gourmet Island! The Gourmet Hunter Toriko Appears! Filler
2 The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator! Canon
3 The Well Mellowed-7 Fruit Juice! Pick the Rainbow Fruit! Canon
4 Prepare It! The Poisonous Puffer Whale! The Heavenly King Coco Appears!! Canon
5 The Deadly Cave Battle! Fire, Five-Fold Spiked Punch! Canon
6 The Knocking Master! Time to Taste the Puffer Whale! Canon
7 The Strongest Wolf That Ever Lived! The Battle Wolf is Reborn! Canon
8 The Threat Appears! Rumble at the Gourmet Colosseum! Canon
9 That Which Is Passed Down! Activate, Gourmet Cells! Canon
10 The Man Who Has an Invincible Domain! His Name Is Sunny! Canon
11 Regal Isle Dash! Search for the Jewel Meat! Canon
12 The Devil's Game! Clear the Devil's Playground! Canon
13 The Ultimate Backup! Clash, Coco Vs. GT Robot! Canon
14 The Threat Of Deadly Poison! Coco's Formula For Victory! Canon
15 The Unyielding aesthetic! Sunny's Manly Battle! Canon
16 Rin's Final Wish! Awaken, Super Toriko! Canon
17 Super Toriko, the Fist of Anger! This is the Strongest Spike Punch! Canon
18 The Taste Written In His DNA! Toriko, Search For The Blue Blood Corn! Canon
19 The Talent of Battle! Show Me, Terry, King in the Making! Canon
20 For Terry's Sake! Burst By Broiling Heat, BB Corn! Canon
21 The Gourmet Corps' Assassin! Toriko's Attack Instantaneously Evolves! Canon
22 Pressure of Madness! Grinpatch vs. Toriko! Canon
23 The Amusement Park of Eating! The Bellyfull City, Gourmet Town! Canon
24 The Moment of Truth! Setsuno's Century Soup! Canon
25 Meeting at the Saloon! The Powerful and Numerous Gourmet Hunters! Canon
26 The Gourtmet Hunter Troops' Challenge! Arrival in the Frigid Hell! Canon
27 Hurry While It's Hot! A Survival Race on Ice! Canon
28 The Fiery Explosion Shakes the Iceberg!! The Masked Man's True Form!! Canon
29 Glorious Bug Tamer! Tommyrod vs. Toriko Canon
30 Gratitude and Pride! Takimaru's Full-Out Corkscrew Shot! Canon
31 Settled! Match and Takimaru's Desperate Attacks! Canon
32 The Gourmet Reviver and the Legendary Soup's Location! Canon
33 Head-on Fight! Fierce Battle! Toriko vs. Tommyrod! Canon
34 Ultimate Desperation! Tommyrod's Full-Power Mode Explodes! Canon
35 Wondrous Power! Gourmet Reviver Teppei Joins the Battle! Canon
36 The Last Drop! Who Will Get the Century Soup?! Canon
37 Farewell, Ice Hell! Granny Setsu's Hidden Power! Canon
38 Splendid Healing! Here Comes the Gourmet Reviver, Yosaku! Canon
39 Race to Finish! Will It Be Toriko's Recovery, or Komatsu's Soup?! Canon
40 To the World of Ultimate Bliss! Taste the Century Soup! Canon
41 Housewarming Party! Everyone Gather at the Sweets House! Canon
42 The Gourmet King Championship! Search for the Ultimate Sweets! Filler
43 Bonding Dish! Partners Are Forever! Filler
44 White Hot! Toriko vs. the IGO President! Canon
45 Vegetable Garden in the Heavens! Vegetable Sky! Canon
46 Discovery! The King of Vegetables, Ozone Grass! Canon
47 Confession in the Heavens! The Formation of the Invincible Duo! Canon
48 Shocking Encounter! A Mysterious Life Form Appears! Canon
49 Toriko Rushes in! The Truth of the Gourmet World! Canon
50 Enter the Astounding Ringer! The True Meaning of a Partner! Canon
51 Toriko and Luffy Meet Again! Find the Seafood Fruit! Filler
52 Shock! The Broken Kitchen Knife and Cutler Melk! Canon
53 Tension! Toriko's Knife vs. Melk's Kitchen Knife! Canon
54 Supergravity! Conquer Heavy Hole! Canon
55 Hidden Truth! The First Melk Appears! Canon
56 Debut! The Second Generation's Succession and Melk Stardust! Canon
57 A Work Made with All Her Might! The Completed Melk Knife! Canon
58 Super Celeb! Once in a Lifetime Gourmet Carriage Journey! Canon
59 Finally, He Appears! The Last of the Four Kings, Zebra! Canon
60 Unleash the Roar! The Release of the Condemned Criminal, Zebra! Canon
61 Warning Issued! Zebra Lands on Sand Garden! Canon
62 Komatsu's Disappearance! The Desert Labyrinth of Evil! Canon
63 The Sealed Voice! The Other-Dimensional Gourmet Pyramid! Canon
64 Astounding! The Mysterious Ancient Manuscript and the Creature Inside the Coffin! Canon
65 Shocking Showdown! Salamander Sphinx! Canon
66 Cooperative Cooking! Komatsu Steers Toriko and Zebra! Canon
67 Explosion of Combination Techniques! Taking the World's Best Cola! Canon
68 The Truth Revealed! Komatsuaas Will and the Identity of the Mysterious Creature! Canon
69 Surpass Dad! Midsummer Gobbling Katsu Curry! Filler
70 Connecting Bonds! The Superb Gatsugatsu Curry! Filler
71 A New Stage! Toriko's Determination and the Return of Canon
72 A Flowing Food Luck! The Pilgrimage Gourmet Shrine! Canon
73 Uwaaa! The Astonishing Surprise Apple! Canon
74 Chicken Beast's Egg! The Memories of Old Man Yocchi and His Wife! Canon
75 Glittering Crystal! Shining Gourami! Canon
76 Shocking Rapids! Giant Waterfall, Death Falls! Canon
77 Sunny's New Attack! The Result of Gorgeous Training! Canon
78 Thirty Times Combo! Thirty-Six-Fold Twin Spiked Punch! Canon
79 Cooking by Intuition! Komatsu and the Shining Gourami! Canon
80 Flashy Presentation! Supreme Service With a Meal! Filler
81 Supreme Chitose Ame! Komatsu and Yun's Tale! Filler
82 Assemble on Autumn Mountain! Terry, Yun, Kiss, Queen! Filler
83 Reunion! Take-chan of Fairytale Castle! Canon
84 Crossroads! A Chef's Destination! Canon
85 Dramatic Transformation! Hair Salon Barber Gourmet! Canon
86 Gathering of the Four Kings! A Midwinter Night's Miracle! Filler
87 Merry Feastmas! Gourmet Santa's Present! Canon
88 Heaven or Hell!? Storming Into the Gourmet Casino! Canon
89 Appearance! The Boss of the Underground Cooking World, Livebearer! Canon
90 A Card Game With Your Life on the Line! Gourmet Tasting! Canon
91 Dead Heat! Coco vs. Livebearer Canon
92 Coco's Strategy! The Big-Miss Cards That Determine the Outcome! Canon
93 Eat or be Eaten! Toriko vs. the Hannya Panda! Canon
94 Climax! The Remaining Worst Ingredients! Canon
95 The Decisive Moment! Coco's Grand Scenario! Canon
96 A Taste that's Out of this World! The Actual Eating of the Meteor Garlic! Canon
97 Pinnacle Showdown! Ichiryuu vs. the Bishokukai's Midora! Canon
98 The Hidden Training Ingredient! Emergency Instructions from Ichiryuu! Canon
99 Run, Strongest Army! Toriko, Luffy, Goku! Filler
100 Commemorating the Hundredth Episode, All Four Heavenly Kings Assemble! Canon
101 Toriko Fainting in Agony?! Capture the World's Smelliest Ingredient! Canon
102 Too Huge! With Pro Wrestling Moves, the Completion of the Ehou Maki Canon
103 Hands Together and Bow! Gourmet Human National Treasure Chin Chinchin Appears! Canon
104 Those Without Gratitude Should Not Enter! The Fearsome Shokurin Temple! Canon
105 Toriko, Completely Defeated?! The Delicate and Uninhibited Power of Food Honor! Canon
106 It's All About Appreciation! The Essentials of Food Honor! Canon
107 An Approaching Threat! Hurry, Toriko! The Road to the Bubble Fruits! Canon
108 Tradgedy! The Demise of Shokurin Temple... Farewell Komatsu! Canon
109 Mighty and Unrivaled! One Who Has Mastered Food Honor! Canon
110 National Treasure Class One-Swing 100 Million Yen Techniques! Toriko VS Granny Chiyo Canon
111 Phantom Ingredient Canon
112 The Legendary Bee Filler
113 Showing his True Strength! Komatsu's Food Honor The Actual Food! The Phantasmal Noodles, Filler
114 The Four Heavenly Kings Gather! The Gourmet World Beasts the Canon
115 The Battle to Determine the Fate of Mankind! The Four Beasts VS The Four Heavenly Kings! Canon
116 Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra The Four Heavenly Kings' Storm of Attacks!! Canon
117 Toriko's New Crisis The Creeping Four Beast's Main Body!! Canon
118 The Four Beast's Shockng Union and the Green Rain!! Canon
119 The Four Heavenly Kings' Worst Dilemma! Komatsu's Determination! Canon
120 Save Mankind With Your Miraculous Food Luck!! Canon
121 Explode! Curiosity for Taste! The Four Heavenly Kings' Combination Technique!! Canon
122 Ultimate Technique Canon
123 The Forthcoming Festival The Wriggling Canon
124 Toriko vs Gurume-kai no Kaibutsu Monpuran Filler
125 Toriko's New Technique Filler
126 Great Imminent Troubles!? Cooking Fest Opens!! Canon
127 Komatsu in Trouble!? Triathlon Cooking! Canon
128 Cooking Legend, Meet Tengu Buranchi!! Canon
129 Sneaky! Stormy! Buranchi, Pulling Ahead!! Canon
130 Life or Death, Scale Death Cooking!! Filler
131 Who is the Strongest Combo? Entire Island Cooking!! Filler
132 Outbreak of War! Bishokukai's Furious All-out Attack!! Canon
133 Protect Komatsu! Toriko vs. Starjun!! Canon
134 Wild Battle! Toriko's Strongest Attack!! Canon
135 Top Showdown! IGO vs. Bishokukai Canon
136 A Catastrophic Joker Card! Gourmet World Monster Nitro Filler
137 Struggle to the Death! Coco vs. Grinpatch Canon
138 Duel! Sunny vs. Tommyrod Canon
139 The Moment of Truth! Sunny's Final Ability!! Canon
140 Counterattack! Zebra Gets Moving!! Canon
141 Toriko, Counterattack! Ultimate Routine!! Canon
142 History's Greatest Enemy! Canon
143 The Secret of the Mastermind Canon
144 The Beginning of the End! Toriko vs. Joa!! Canon
145 An Attack to Come Back from Hopelessness! The Four Heavenly Kings, the Ultimate Technique!! Canon
146 Reach him, Komatsu's Yells! Toriko Awakens!! Filler
147 Toriko and Komatsu, Setting Out on a New Journey!! Filler