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Hokuto no Ken
199X, nuclear war has ravaged the planet. From the ashes, gangs have risen to take all the power from world governments. Justice has ceased to exist in this now lawless world. From the ashes of a desert a man appears. His name is Kenshiro, and he is the sucessor to the most powerful martial art in the world, Hokuto Shin Ken. This art attacks the foes insides, and makes him explode internally, dying in often brutal ways. Kenshiros goal is to kill the man who kidnapped his fiance, Yuria. A man that he once called friend, but whom betrayed him and left him for dead. Along the way he makes friends and enemies alike, while protecting those who cannot protect themselves.
ORIGINAL RUN: 1988-1988
1 The mightiest man who appeared in hell Canon
2 The deadly fist of lingering regret Canon
3 A lone fist burns Canon
4 The Bloody Cross attacks Canon
5 You are already dead Canon
6 Find the man with the seven scars Canon
7 Shall we have a countdown to death Canon
8 Strike the hidden power point Canon
9 Say your prayers before you die Filler
10 The raging flame reverse flow punch Filler
11 Listen to the blues of hell Canon
12 I'll chase you to the ends of hell Canon
13 There's no holding back Canon
14 Good people die so young Filler
15 You're the one who'll die Filler
16 The counting rhyme of hell Filler
17 Battle makes a man Filler
18 Life or death Filler
19 Ready your one-way tickets to death Filler
20 My fists pack one million volts Filler
21 The palace of evil in flames Filler
22 Conclusion of Chapter One Canon
23 Is battle all that awaits me Canon
24 Nanto Suichoken Canon
25 Thy name is Fang Canon
26 Villains Of Night Fog Valley Canon
27 How I hate this age Canon
28 Rei Canon
29 It's too late to beg for mercy Canon
30 Jagi, who are you Canon
31 The hellish iron mask Canon
32 The four linked fists of rage Canon
33 This is the Village of Miracles Canon
34 Toki, are you an angel or a devil Canon
35 Toki, your heart is rotten to the core Canon
36 I have no past to look back on Canon
37 Instead, I shall reject love Canon
38 Crimson Fist of Lotus Mountain Canon
39 The gates to Cassandra open now Canon
40 Villains need no graves Canon
41 The North Star's 2,000-year tragedy Filler
42 I've been waiting for you, Ken Canon
43 Cassandra collapses Canon
44 The Death Omen Star shines Canon
45 Those who fear the Reaper Canon
46 Voices from hell Canon
47 The Nanto dance of death Canon
48 An explosion of secret techniques Canon
49 The greatest battle in History Canon
50 72 hours to live Canon
51 Fate without tomorrow Canon
52 Yuda Canon
53 How cruel time passes by Canon
54 Beloved Mamiya Canon
55 A man is beautiful than ever Canon
56 Beautiful warriors, Rei vs. Yuda Canon
57 End of Part Two Canon
58 Supreme rule in turbulence Canon
59 Time evolves beyond the deathmatch Canon
60 Shu of the South Star White Heron Fist Canon
61 Love on the battlefield Filler
62 I am Souther, the Holy Emperor Canon
63 A young hero challenges his fate Canon
64 A bloody battle, Shu vs. Souther Canon
65 The Bloody Cross Mausoleum Canon
66 Run Kenshiro Canon
67 Clash of the Polar Stars Canon
68 Souther Canon
69 Critical times of the North Star Canon
70 The other Divine Fist of the North Star Canon
71 The secret of origin revealed Canon
72 A man only cries once Canon
73 Ryuga of Sirius Canon
74 A wolf running in the horizon Canon
75 Forgive me, my sister Filler
76 An iron fist for the Roaring Wolf Canon
77 Conclusion of Part Three Canon
78 Shin of the South Star Sacred Fist Canon
79 Rei of the South Star Waterfowl Fist Filler
80 Yuda of the South Star Crimson Crane Fist Filler
81 Shu of the South Star White Heron Fist Filler
82 Holy Emperor Souther Filler
83 Part Four, the Final Chapter Filler
84 The South Star strikes back Filler
85 Prelude to a death match Partial
86 The Burning Crimson Brigade Filler
87 Five Chariot Stars in danger Canon
88 Who are you, Fudo Canon
89 The crisis is near Canon
90 I am Juza of the Clouds Canon
91 The Masked General is finally revealed Canon
92 I have no fear for Raoh Canon
93 Juza vs. Raoh Canon
94 Fudo in peril Canon
95 Treacherous quicksand Canon
96 Juza falls Canon
97 A strong man will not speak of love Canon
98 The capital of the South Star trembles Filler
99 Sadness of the Five Chariot Stars Canon
100 The ultimate secret technique Canon
101 The heaven hesitates once again Canon
102 Raoh, the confused giant Canon
103 A challenge from the Devil Canon
104 Fudo, the gentle warrior Canon
105 Protect the Merciful Mother of the South Star Filler
106 Raoh, shaken by a nightmare Canon
107 No one can stop them now Canon
108 Farewell Canon
109 Conclusion of the Final Chapter Filler