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Eyeshield 21
Kobayakawa Sena is a freshman in highschool. Despite his previous decisions to change his life, he finds himself in the exactly same place he was in during elementary school and junior high: a push over and an errand boy. However, this changes when Hiruma, the most feared person in his school and president of the American Football Club, notices Sena and forces him to join the Football Team. Now Sena will become Eyeshield 21, a mysterious running back with lighting fast speed.
ORIGINAL RUN: 2005-2009
1 The man with the lightspeed legs Canon
2 Let's play football Canon
3 Blaze a path down the field Canon
4 What I hold in my hands Canon
5 Half-second bodyguards Canon
6 The pierce of the Spear Tackle Canon
7 Fighting to win Canon
8 Never quit Canon
9 The catching master Canon
10 A hero's qualifications Canon
11 Oath under the setting sun Canon
12 Max catch Canon
13 The terror of the Chameleon Canon
14 The Scorching Hell Tower Canon
15 Find Eyeshield Canon
16 Farewell Kurita Filler
17 The Kid and Iron Horse Canon
18 A slacker's pride Canon
19 The lower-class laughs Canon
20 The Sphinx's secret weapon Canon
21 Fly, Devil Bat Canon
22 A mysterious girl appears Filler
23 The weightless man Canon
24 Japan vs. USA Canon
25 The Caged Black Panther Canon
26 A real beast Canon
27 Take back Cerberus Filler
28 American football downtown Filler
29 The Devil Gunmen Canon
30 At the gates of hell Canon
31 Minds made up Canon
32 Quitters Canon
33 My sister Canon
34 Signs of a Ghost Canon
35 A solitary Death March Canon
36 The final trial Canon
37 The distant peak Canon
38 The new starting lineup Canon
39 The road to the Christmas Bowl Canon
40 The night before the game Canon
41 The Ace's missing Canon
42 The Devil Bat Ghost Canon
43 The legendary 60-Yard Magnum Canon
44 My debut Canon
45 The Ghost is sealed Filler
46 The Ghost vs. The Spear Filler
47 Hot! Guts! Fire Canon
48 A battle of effort Canon
49 The refined spirit of a lineman Canon
50 The courage to stand firm Canon
51 The lethal Chameleon Filler
52 Chameleon vs. Poseidon Canon
53 Fear of the poisonous Scorpion Canon
54 The control tower which disappeared Canon
55 Wall of the physique difference Canon
56 Our small contract Canon
57 The man who knows 21 Canon
58 Devil vs. Sea God Canon
59 Back Ace Man Canon
60 Promise on the field Canon
61 Determination to win Filler
62 Moby Dick Anchor Canon
63 Offense and defence 30 cm Canon
64 The man possessing speed of light Canon
65 Deimon High School Sports Meet Canon
66 Sprinter Sena Filler
67 Promise of the Three Canon
68 Fastest proof Canon
69 Field of desperation Canon
70 Musashi is here Canon
71 The Devil's counterattack Canon
72 Pride of speed of light Canon
73 Fated kick Canon
74 A pact between rivals Canon
75 Spider's threat Canon
76 Come back! Musashi Canon
77 The real '21' Canon
78 The one that waits previously Filler
79 Kobayakawa Sena Canon
80 The strongest kick team Canon
81 The truth of red pupil Canon
82 Run! Musashi Canon
83 Time that began to move Canon
84 The Devil in the storm Canon
85 The man who is loved by God Canon
86 Time up of the light and shadow Canon
87 The strongest soldiers in Tokyo Canon
88 Deimon's halftime show Canon
89 Cream Puff Cup Filler
90 Brand new trial Filler
91 Death climb Filler
92 3 Brothers Of Texas Ranch Filler
93 Yell Of friendship Filler
94 Secret weapon In Silverly White Filler
95 Break down the Wall of Blizzard Filler
96 To the Kantou Meet Filler
97 Farewell, Onihei Filler
98 Chameleon's counterattack Filler
99 Deimon High School Festival Filler
100 The invisible lock Filler
101 Strongest Evil Filler
102 Overcome Your Fears Filler
103 The Iron Wall Double Stopper Filler
104 One Line Lacking Filler
105 The Final Death Game Filler
106 Fieresome God, Agon Kongo Filler
107 The Enemy is Shinryuji Filler
108 Detective Sena!? Filler
109 Talent of Catching Filler
110 Barrier of Talent Filler
111 Go Forth, Devil Bats! Canon
112 Devil vs God! Canon
113 The Twelfth Athlete Canon
114 Mediocre Power Canon
115 Fighting to be Number One Canon
116 The Will of a Warrior Canon
117 Time Out Zero Canon
118 Huddle Without Answers Canon
119 To the Limits of the Death Battle Canon
120 Super Dreadnaught! Dinosaurs!! Filler
121 Battlefied of the Wolves Filler
122 Rodeo Drive Stampede Filler
123 The Knight with No Weakness Filler
124 Ultimate Spear!! Filler
125 White Knights High School Festival!! Canon
126 Promise to Become an Ace Filler
127 Just for Victory Canon
128 Devil vs. Man with the Speed of Light Filler
129 A Challenge to the King Canon
130 Fanfare Start Canon
131 Prison Chain of Wrath Canon
132 The Knight who Commands the Sky Canon
133 Ballista of the Kingdom Canon
134 Invincible Barrier Canon
135 Peerless Superman Canon
136 21 Defeated Canon
137 Half Time of Fate Canon
138 Ground Battle After the Rain Canon
139 The 9999th Catch Canon
140 Two Aces Canon
141 Devil Stun Gun Initiated! Canon
142 Devil's Wings Canon
143 A Deep Attachment Canon
144 The Last Moment Canon
145 Everybody, Let's Play American Football! Canon